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The missing piece for Australian basketball athletes has arrived. Exceed all your expectations with the right coaching, guidance and network that is needed to achieve your dreams. With the help of NBA/NBL/NCAA certified coaches, dedicated administrators, and on-ground staff, A.E.A strives for one common goal; achieving athletic excellence on all fronts.

Who we are
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Who we are

Amateur Elite Academy is not simply an arena and a court. Coachable, talented and passionate athletes can now devote themselves to the craft like never before. We have made it our duty to put in place the right programs, workouts, and training necessary to allow our members the best opportunities possible. We ready our pre-college athletes (years 11 & 12) with the  needed units to qualify for NCAA basketball and prepare our ambitious professional athletes with elite-level programs to take them to that next level.

Opportunities for some of the best Australian basketball talent
We decided to start Amateur Elite Academy because we knew we wanted to create opportunities for the best basketball talent Australia has to offer, period. Creating and hosting Australia’s first ever NBA and NCAA attended event was part of that mission, one which would give Australian athletes the same amount of exposure as USA born and raised athletes tend to receive when coming out of high school. The AEA Combine will be similar to an NBA combine in which we get the chance to display up-and-coming Australian athletes and allow for an opportunity to show their skills to college recruiters and NBA/Professional team scouts

This is more than an opportunity to be exposed to NBA scouts AND NCAA rectruiters

Feel the electric, dynamic atmosphere
Until now, Australian basketball has lacked a national platform to showcase the homegrown talent off to the world and bring forth opportunities that would otherwise go untouched. The Amateur Elite Combine is more than a simple chance to grab the attention of  NBA, NCAA and WNBA scouts and recruiters. For many of our players, it will be the first time they get to exhibit their skills and talents on a national and even global stage, while feeling the electric, dynamic, and positively-competitive atmosphere of an NBA combine.
During the AEA Combine, athletes will have a chance to meet and greet with interested scouts and recruiters from  top colleges, NBA, and professional teams. The event will also shine a deserving spotlight on the countries most talented athletes, and the academy itself. We aim to shape the next generation of Australian basketball stars via a mission-driven and competitive focus on skill development, attention to detail and consistency.
And more!
Enjoying the direction of a goal-focused community

Each Australian college-bound athlete’s academic circumstances are unique, the NCAA and Australia determine qualification standards in a very sporadic and unregulated manner, ultimately causing parents' serious issues and headaches. This is why we have made it one of our diving missions and goals to ensure 100% verified academic-eligibility for all Amateur Elite Academy members wishing to attend an NCAA college.

Personal goals

In every aspect of the game of basketball, from doing drills and skill development to all different plays, and live game scenarios, there needs to be a clear goal attached to what a player is trying to accomplish. At AEA, we take it further and emphasize "micro-goals", and the importance focusing all the little things that need to get accomplished in order to achieve the ultimate goal.


When it comes to choosing careers and jobs, making basketball a career is a big one. At AEA, we know exactly the effort, time and dedication it takes in order to realistically pursue basketball as a full-time job. We also place a huge emphasis on providing all academy members the tools, connections and options necessary to reach the goal of a career in basketball at the highest level.

Nurturing the minds and bodies of our athletes
Amateur Elite Academy will nurture the bodies and minds of Australia’s most talented rising basketball stars from the grassroots level, preparing them either for their first days of organized club basketball or on a more elite level for that next stage in their careers. Either way, we know our rising athletes are chasing the ultimate dream of playing basketball on the collegiate and onto the professional level.

We simply pave the way.
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Feel free to message us anything that interests you: From how to become a member, to wanting to become a part of the coaching staff or even how to get involved on the business end.

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