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Amateur Elite Exposure Program

As we get construction underway on the facility, and begin membership enrollment within Australia, we want to put in place, locate, streamline and optimize all upcoming and future opportunities for the most elite basketball players the country has to offer.

About program
Bridging the gap for Australian talent

Our exposure event is a small part of how we aim to bridge the gap for elite Australian athletes. The event will be similar to an NBA combine, in which up-and coming athletes have the opportunity to play in front of coaches and scouts.

Basketball has lacked a national platform
Until now, Australian basketball has lacked a national platform to showcase the countries best athletes and their talents. Things like the Mcdonalds All-American games, Pangos top 100 camp, Adidas nations, Lebron skills invite-only camp, and moreexist within only the united states for those lucky enough to either be invited, be in the country, or simply know someone.
Although, this event is more than a chance to grab the attention of scouts and NBA coaches. For many of our players and AEA members, it’ll be the first time they exhibit their skills on a national level, infront of such a qualified and experienced caliber of coaches.
About the program
Amateur Elite Academy's athlete exposure program is rooted in a communal demand for more opportunities directed towards Australian elite-level athletes. Each month AEA will maintain and ensure informative contact with NBA coaches and NCAA scouts/coaches, of all divisions within the united states. This will allow coaches complete access to all of the academy's consenting members' recruiting profiles and their provided contact information.
The AEA coaches database will be updated monthly and consist of alerts as to new academy members and all the top-prospects within the academy.
Bi-annual exposure showcase
In the spirit of bringing new opportunities to hardworking young and ambitious athletes, AEA will be launching a biannual exposure showcase, in which all NCAA recruiters & NBA scouts will be invited to and asked to attend. While not only hosting and displaying the athletically elite basketball talent Australia has to offer through organized scrimmages, agility testing, and NBA combine-style analytics, we also want to guarantee academic eligibility for our members, for all coaches and staff.
To ensure this, every member is assigned to an eligibility guidance coach who regularly maintains contact with scouts and notifies respective college coaches when their athlete of interest is NCAA qualified, both athletically and academically.
Video & Data analysis
Detailed focus
We know that scouts and coaches always want the most up-to-date statistics, performance analytics, and body/mass index numbers, so we made sure to equip the facility with the best video and data analytics technology.
Introducing the AEA cloud-stadium, designed to heighten the bandwidth, latency, and accuracy of realtime data while maintaining a high level of focus on the specific academy members' statistics and performance within the AEA Athlete-Exposure program.
Cloud-court, icon
AEA cloud-stadium reduces the operational costs
Using state-of-the-art automated technology, the AEA cloud-stadium reduces the operational costs and associated overhead on all levels for the data side, while allowing for quality to be focused on optimizing the delivery of statistics and player profile metrics to respective college and NBA coaches.
Market Research
According to a recent report from SportAus, there are now over one million basketball participants in Australia (don't forget, the countries population is only 25.4 million). Furthermore, Australians' interest and participation in the N.B.A. itself within the last 24 months is higher than it has ever been before.
Survey results from SportAus also state that basketballhas more than one million participants throughout thecountry. The AusPlay survey is generally considered theauthority on Australia's sports participation.
A summary of some of the key takeaways for basketballare as follows:
Proposed Timeline:

Stage 1

End of April 2021

Open registration to all applicants (registration is completely free)

Stage 2

End of May 2021

Close registration and announce the selected athletes

Stage 3

End of September 2021

Complete all new exposure program member profiles for NCAA/NBA scouts database

Stage 4

End of November 2021

First program pilot emailed to all NCAA/NBA scouts

Stage 5

Start of January 2022

Amateur Elite Exposure Program goes LIVE

Our singular, certified, and passionate focus puts us in a class of our own. Australian athletes need a place where they can feel comfortable, grow to their fullest potential, and be rewarded with the right opportunities. No comprehensive, full-scale, and detailed program has existed to fill this need. Until now.
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